Our sustainability studies


The recyclability study shows that SUMBOX is easily and effectively recyclable with existing and standardized means and processes. A study carried out by Lleitat Tehcnological Center, November 2020 .


This comparison of the environmental impact of SUMBOX vs. expanded polystyrene boxes shows how the impact of SUMBOX is much lower in each and every one of the variables analysed. Study carried out by Leitat Tehcnological Center based on ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, January 2021.


After use, the box is recycled into paper, which will be used again to make more SUMBOX.

Temperature graphs

In these graphs we can observe the behaviour of SUMBOX recorded through Data Loggers (internal and in some cases external).

SUMBOX with ice left at ambient temperature. As we can see, the box lasted 37 hours with the inner temperature below 3ºC, being exposed to an outside temperature of 20ºC as an average.

SUMBOX with ice left in a cold room. In this case, the box was left in a positive cold chamber. The trial ended after four days , although the ice box still contained most of its ice inside. The peaks in the outside temperature curve show specific moments of rupture of the chamber, when opening and closing the entrance door.

SUMBOX with frozen shrimp and dry ice shipped from Jakarta to Amsterdam by plane. Despite a long cold chain breach at the start of the shipment, the box managed kept the shrimps at the desired temperature throughout the journey.

SUMBOX packed on August 10th PM in a factory near Santiago de Chile, where it was transported by truck to the airport, from where it left the day after. It arrived to London on August 13th from where it was sent by truck to the warehouse of the distributor to finally reach their destination, a town 4h away from London, on August 15th
Total time: 5 days and 18 hours. 

*The peak that we can observe in the graph shows the opening of the box by customs to inspect its content.

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