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Pablo Molina Muntañola, founder of SUMBOX WORLWIDE, SL is an Iberia pilot and entrepreneur.

During his time as an importer and exporter of fish and seafood in Spain, he soon set the goal of developing a packaging that would match the functions of expanded polystyrene but would be much more respectful with the planet. And it would also allow operators to generate savings.

After more than 8 years of investments, multiple attempts and failed tests, corrections and more developments, he finally found the formula for SUMBOX boxes,

and subsequently patented the model. This box now has, he performance of EPS boxes but fully recyclable as paper, whose use reduces the carbon footprint between 50% and 70% compared to EPS.

This is how SUMBOX WORLDWIDE, S.L. was born as a start up business with a purpose to revolutionize packaging in the fish and seafood industry, making it sustainable and circular being some of the advantages to those who use them.

The extensive experience in the fish and seafood distribution sector allows us to know and understand all the logistical processes, to offer the best solution to our clients.

We are committed to uphold excellent customer service and quality of our products; only in this way will we achieve our mission: to help our customers, to help the planet.


We have the best manufacturers to be able to serve our boxes all over the world. In Spain and France, we are partners of the
HINOJOSA PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, as part of the 360 Green Packaging, aimed at replacing traditional plastic packaging with paper / cardboard.

Proud to sponsor…

SUMBOX sponsors SC Telstar Velsen, the well-known Dutch Second League soccer team together with our partner Lobster Trap Nederlof BV.

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