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Sumbox Boxes have been developed for more than 10 years by an expert in the distribution and marketing of Fish and Seafood, with the aim of offering the same benefits as expanded polystyrene, but with a sustainable, recyclable and circular alternative.

They have been extensively tested in the most extreme conditions and are already being used by industry.

Advantages of Sumbox

Our boxes are the result of a novel, unique, and patented combination of corrugated cardboard and lamination that allow them to be in contact with ice, water or in extreme humidity conditions.

These boxes have been designed to be in direct contact with food, can contain water, ice and are suitable for air transport.

These are the main advantages that we offer to our clients:


EPS is “technically” 100% recyclable. However, the reality is that the recyclability rate of this material is approximately 15%.

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In other words: 85% of EPS that goes on the market ends up burned, buried, in the oceans, or is sent to other countries, where it will end up in the same way. A dramatic impact for the planet.
In contrast, recycling rates for paper and cardboard are around 80%.

SUMBOX is perfectly recyclable by depositing the boxes in a paper recycling container, like any other cardboard or paper box. They are effectively recycled with existing processes and facilities, so their degree of circularity is enormous, far superior to plastic.

But in addition to recycling, the environmental impact of SUMBOX is less than half that of an EPS box, as can be seen from the analysis carried out in early 2021.


El Poliestireno Expandido es “técnicamente” 100% reciclable. Sin embargo, la realidad es que la tasa de reciclabilidad de este material es aproximadamente del 15%.

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Dicho en otras palabras: el 85% del porex que sale al mercado, termina quemado, enterrado, en los océanos, o es enviado a otros países, donde acabará de igual forma. Un impacto dramático para el planeta. En cambio, las tasas de reciclaje del papel y cartón están entorno al 80%.

Las cajas SUMBOX son perfectamente reciclables depositándolas en contenedor azul, como cualquier otra caja de cartón, o papel. Se reciclan de forma efectiva con los medios y procesos existentes, por lo que su grado de circularidad es enorme, en una escala muy superior al plástico.


1- Price: we know that expanded polystyrene boxes can have a low cost. However, we can offer a competitive price especially in large formats, or compared to thick-walled polystyrene boxes.

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Furthermore, as they come unassembled, they occupy 7 times less space than EPS boxes, so with 1 truck you transport the same number of SUMBOX as in 7 trucks of expanded polystyrene boxes, with its consequent lower impact on CO2 emissions.

2- Storage savings: as mentioned in the previous point, SUMBOX come unassembled and take up 7 times less space than EPS boxes. Therefore the warehouse space required is much lower, as well as the work required for unloading pallets from the truck, storing, and transporting the boxes to take them to where they are needed in the production line.

3- Transportation savings: SUMBOX box walls are thinner than EPS boxes, and we can design a smaller box while maintaining internal capacity. In this way we have managed to increase the load of boxes per pallet by + 22%, with the consequent savings in logistics costs.


1- Precio: sabemos que las cajas de Poliestireno Expandido pueden tener un coste bajo. Sin embargo, podemos ofrecer un precio competitivo especialmente en formatos grandes, o comparado con cajas de porex de paredes gruesas, o altas.

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Además, al venir sin montar, ocupan 7 veces menos espacio que las cajas de porex, por lo que con 1 camión transportas el mismo número de SUMBOX que en 7 camiones de cajas de Poliestireno Expandido, con su consecuente menor impacto en emisiones CO2.

2- Ahorros de almacenaje: como comentado en el punto anterior, las cajas SUMBOX vienen sin montar, y por lo tanto, ocupan 7 veces menos espacio que las de porex. Por lo tanto, el espacio requerido de almacén es muy inferior, así como el trabajo requerido para la descarga de palets del camión, almacenaje, y transporte de las cajas para llevarlas hasta donde se necesiten en la línea de producción.

3- Ahorros en transporte: las paredes de las cajas SUMBOX son más finas que las de EPS, y podemos diseñar una caja más pequeña, manteniendo la capacidad interna. De esta forma hemos conseguido incrementar la carga de cajas por palet en un +22%, con el consecuente ahorro en costes logísticos.


SUMBOX can be printed in high quality flexography, or with digital technology, allowing an optimal photographic result, and even in the latter case, the printing of different designs in the same production run.

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Without a doubt, the image of the brand and the company takes a qualitative leap.


Las cajas SUMBOX se pueden imprimir en flexografía de Alta Calidad, o incluso en Digital, permitiendo un resultado fotográfico óptimo, e incluso en este último caso, la impresión de distintos diseños en una misma tirada.

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Sin duda, la imagen de Marca y de la empresa da un salto cualitativo.


Whether the client is internal or external, once used, SUMBOX boxes are easily treated as waste. This makes SUMBOX a solution and not a waste management issue or tax cost as EPS.

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In addition, for high volumes, recycling companies will pay money to take the SUMBOX to recycle them back into paper.


After use, the box is recycled into paper, which will be used again to make more SUMBOX.


We have carried out different developments to satisfy in the best possible way the needs of our clients.

You can choose the color of the inside of the boxes. The most common colors are silver, white, or brown (transparent). The color has no impact on the properties of the box.


BOX WITH SHORT LID This format is our default recommendation, due to its performance / cost balance. It is valid for any use in the industry.

BOX WITH LONG LID This option can give an extra resistance to the box due to a double walled effect the lid provides. This box is a good option, in the case of heavy contents, or to load in a number of heights that can make the boxes on the bottom suffer from heavy weight.

BOX WITH INTEGRATED LID This box is assembled in one piece, the base and the lid do not come separately, but it is a single piece. Its folding is somewhat more complex, but storage and inventory are simpler.

Assembling a Sumbox box step by step

Temperature graphs

In these graphs we can observe the behaviour of SUMBOX recorded through Data Loggers (internal and in some cases external).

SUMBOX with ice left at ambient temperature. As we can see, the box lasted 37 hours with the inner temperature below 3ºC, being exposed to an outside temperature of 20ºC as an average.

SUMBOX with ice left in a cold room. In this case, the box was left in a positive cold chamber. The trial ended after four days , although the ice box still contained most of its ice inside. The peaks in the outside temperature curve show specific moments of rupture of the chamber, when opening and closing the entrance door.

SUMBOX with frozen shrimp and dry ice shipped from Jakarta to Amsterdam by plane. Despite a long cold chain breach at the start of the shipment, the box managed kept the shrimps at the desired temperature throughout the journey.

SUMBOX packed on August 10th PM in a factory near Santiago de Chile, where it was transported by truck to the airport, from where it left the day after. It arrived to London on August 13th from where it was sent by truck to the warehouse of the distributor to finally reach their destination, a town 4h away from London, on August 15th
Total time: 5 days and 18 hours. 

*The peak that we can observe in the graph shows the opening of the box by customs to inspect its content.

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