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Absolutely. According to studies carried out by independent laboratories, it is easily recyclable into high quality paper with existing tools and processes. ITt is circular, and it reduces the carbon footprint between 50% and 70% compared to the use of expanded polystyrene boxes.

Its resistance to the melting point of ice compared to expanded polystyrene is 15% lower, under the same conditions, which grants temperature preservation under normal cold chain conditions (including occasional breaches).

We have done tests in extreme situations with expanded polystyrene and SUMBOX. In a box of EPS at 30ºC or more outside, the ice begins to melt after 100 minutes and the process will continue according to the outside temperature conditions. 
In the same extreme conditions, the ice, in a SUMBOX, begins to melt after 85 minutes. In refrigerated transport, the product will arrive at its destination in the same conditions in a SUMBOX than in a EPS box. 

It depends on the size, for obvious reasons. Compared to those of expanded polystyrene and in general terms. As a reference and compared to EPS boxes:

– In medium-size boxes SUMBOX should be at a similar price.

– In large formats, SUMBOX is cheaper.

– In small boxes, SUMBOX is slightly more expensive.

The enormous advantages of SUMBOX boxes come from important business needs such as:

  • Extraordinary space optimization:

For the same internal volume of the box, on a pallet between 20% and 35% more boxes can be piled up than if they were from EPS. Therefore, for the same transport cost per pallet by truck, or by plane, space is optimised leading to reducing costs in transportation and storage.

We estimate that the savings in transportation by better use of capacity and space is 22.22% over current costs with expanded polystyrene.

  • Lower cost in shipping and storage of boxes:

SUMBOX are delivered and stored unfolded. This reduces the space occupied in a ratio of 7 to 1 compared to EPS.

The required warehouse space to stock SUMBOX is 700% less than EPS boxes.

The time needed to move, pile up, and unload the boxes is also a great advantage for SUMBOX users.

  • Governing Laws:

Health and Environmental Authorities around the globe are increasing their taxes and bans on plastics including expanded polystyrene. This will increase in the following years. As a sustainable alternative, SUMBOX will avoid those penalties.

1. They can be printed in photo / offset quality, and offer an appealing image of logos, brands or graphics. 

2.They are stronger than expanded polystyrene and even if they suffer damage, they will not break or crack like EPS, avoiding liquid losses, damaging other boxes or losing properties of the content itself.

3. SUMBOX is a solution rather than a problem to end customers (internal or external). They just have to be left in the paper/cardboard recycling container and will be recycled through the normal processes instead of of having to coordinate and pay for a specific expanded polystyrene collection. 

Yes, they comply with IATA recommendations and have already been used for air shipments as explained in the temperature graphs in this website.         

Yes, a box can be easily assembled in about 10-15 seconds. However, for high volumes and fast production lines, we recommend considering the acquisition of a folding machine. 

An external agency can also be subcontracted to fold the boxes.

SUMBOX are a recent creation. They have succeeded at stress tests on various shipments (freezing, water leaks) with 0% damage. 

They are already being used regularly in the industry.

Challenge them! Our boxes have already been used in the most extreme conditions.


SUMBOX boxes have been designed for this industry, whose logistics is extremely demanding however.

They can be used in many other sectors, such as dairy, meat, vegetables, flowers, medicines, ice cream… in short, any industry that uses expanded polystyrene boxes now has a recyclable, sustainable and circular alternative.