Do you still use expanded polystyrene boxes?
We have good news:

Introducing the cardboard box that is recycled into paper, capable of doing the same job as EPS in your cold chain.


Know our product

SUMBOX is a corrugated cardboard box:

  • Water resistant
  • Isothermal
  • Customizable in any size 
  • Printable in High Quality
  • Designed according to IATA for air transport 
  • 100% recyclable. 

If you would like to discontinue using EPS boxes in your business, now it is easy to adapt to the new times taking care of your business and the planet.







The only cardboard box capable of doing the
job of an EPS box in any cold chain.

Our boxes are protected by Intellectual Property in more than 30 countries of the 5 continents, including the countries of the Eurpean Union.

* Recently Sumbox Worldwide SL has consolidated and expanded its business into new international markets. In 2020 Sumbox focused on carrying out different promotional activities and the protection of patents in several countries inside and outside the European Union. The project is supported by the OEPM within the program “Aid program for the promotion of patent applications and utility models abroad”, with a subsidy of 6.587,1€.

The threat of plastics

8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year.

National Geographic

According to ONU data the oceans will contain more plastic than fish in 2050.

National Geographic

In 2018, the the global production of plastics was 359 million tons, a similar weight to the total world population.

National Geographic

Spain is the fourth largest plastic producer in the European Union and, according to Greenpeace, only 30% of plastics are recycled in the country.

National Geographic

With the new restrictions on China's waste management policy, the amount of plastic waste imported from Europe and the United States was reduced by 10 times.

National Geographic

If you add the production of plastic throughout history, in 2015 the world had already produced 7.8 billion tons of plastic, more than one ton of plastic per person in the world.

National Geographic

The largest of the 5 existing plastic islands, is 3 times the size of France.

99% of abandoned plastic ends up at the bottom of the sea.

Quotes from our clients…


“We are delighted with SUMBOX produced by Hinojosa Packaging. In addition to being resistant and having excellent print quality, they have been widely accepted by our customers. ”


“We use SUMBOX as a sustainable alternative to EPS boxes. They have the same benefits and are 100% recyclable as cardboard, saving our customers a lot of problems, while more and more people are asking for them. ”.


“At ARROM we have strong commitment to the planet and our customers, for whom we strive every day to offer a product of the highest quality. SUMBOX has helped us in these two objectives;, being a sustainable and circular packaging that allows us to serve the product following our quality standards. And our customers love it.”

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