What is SUMBOX

SUMBOX born to substitute the polystyrene, waxed and plastic boxes, the clean solution to the 1950´s technology boxes. Once used, full box is turned into paper again without any cost, economical or energetically, instead what happens with EPS, plastic or waxed boxes.

After several years dedicated to international fish and seafood importation and distribution at a national level, we got tired of the high costs, both direct and indirect, of the traditional polystyrene boxes, so we decided to look for the definitive solution that would improve profitability and allow us to forget about these problems.

The final solution you need for manufacture and distribution of fresh and perishable products SUMBOX: with the same product and transportation characteristics of the polysterene boxes, SUMBOX will…

1. Save in production costs
2. Save in storage costs
3. Save in logistics costs
4. Save in damages or breaks
5. No product contamination
6. No waste. Environment friendly
7. No legal restrictions
8. Lower recycling tax

Thanks to all these advantages you will be able to transport your product in better conditions, save costs, improve the presentation to your clients, and set free of the extra costs and worries of a polystyrene box