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Are they 100% recyclable?

Yes they are. The full box turns into paper on any standard paper plant on the planet. This box done without any toxic component.

Different components on the composition of SUMBOX, to grant the waterproof and thermal isolation, unique worldwide, is the manufacturing secret of its creator and the formula is patented internationally. Both, inside and outside, layers are approved to be in contact with food. The internal layer get the certification to be in contact with very fat food, the most difficult certificate to obtain for food boxes.

The final result is: A SUMBOX, it´s 100% recyclable.

It´s efficient as EPS boxes?

Yes it is. The thermal isolation depends on the thickness of the wall, and the air cushion provided inside the walls. Bigger thickness means better isolation but also bigger unit cost. We optimize the walls thickness of each SUMBOX to match with your business requirements at the best cost, to have exactly the same effectivity that EPS boxes on your shipments.

On cold chains the product arrives to your customer on SUMBOX at the same temperature conditions than in EPS boxes, or better, as our boxes don´t collapse or broke when they have an impact loading or unloading pallets.

How much it cost a SUMBOX?

Less than an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), waxed or plastic box.
But also….

- Save in arrival logistics: SUMBOX arrive flat. The minimum proportion is 6 to 1, so 1 truck of SUMBOX is equal in number of boxes to 6 trucks of EPS boxes. You save in logistics and you save 600% CO2 to our planet.

- Save in warehouse: For the same reason, you save minimum a 600% of space in your warehouse.

- Save in departing logistics: With SUMBOX, due to the fact that the walls are thin than the walls of an EPS box, you can load minimum 2 more rows per pallet. That is at least 22% more of product per pallet, or 22% more product per truck or container. 22% of saves in logistics.

- THE FIRST REAL 100% ECOLOGIC BOX: The authorities are forbidden the EPS BOXES all around the world, because the energetic cost to produce them and the pollution this boxes causes are out of question, and don´t have place in our time. With SUMBOX you help to save our planet, and you have benefits instead of taxes.

- Customizable in offset print, your product arrives to your customer also with a better look. Marketing that can increase your sells, as your customer can sell the boxes to make paper instead to pay taxes to recycle a NO environmental friendly product as EPS, WAXED an PLASTIC boxes.

SUMBOX is the best box and the only one to be real environmental friendly

SUMBOX can be customized?

Instead of EPS, that can be poor printed outside, with SUMBOX you can:

- Print PHOTOGRAPHIC / OFFSET quality, and piled or alone, give an attractive image of brand or logo. Indelible and permanent.

What other advantages can we have with SUMBOX?

In resume of all about SUMBOX, and with the real experience results, some of the main advantages are:

1. They came and stock flats till the moment of use them.

2. The savings in warehouse space are more than 600% vs EPS.

3. If they receive a blow they do not broke or leak, saving your product.

4. It does not contaminate the environment as EPS, WAXED and PLASTIC boxes does. No recycle taxes for SUMBOX worldwide.

5. For a same inner volume, with SUMBOX, you can load between a 22% and 35% more boxes and product per pallet, not only saving shipment costs at the same rate, but also saving CO2 emissions on this proportion in your business.

The boxes can be: watertight or with a drainage system. In brown or white external colors. Fully printable, in OFFSET quality.

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